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Product Description
TG-3505    Distillation Apparatus, Cyanide Scrubber
TG-3510    Distillation Apparatus, Cyanide Scrubber
TG-3515    Distillation Apparatus, Midi-Cyanide
TG-3520    Distillation Apparatus, Cyanide
TG-3525    Distilling Apparatus
TG-3530    Distilling Apparatus, Modified
TG-3545    Distillation Apparatus, TKN
TG-3550    Distillation Apparatus, Fluoride
TG-3555    Distillation Apparatus, Sulfites
TG-3560    Distilling Apparatus
TG-3565    Distilling Apparatus, Petroleum, ASTM D-1160
TG-3570    Distilling Receiver, Micro
TG-3575    Distilling Apparatus, Short Path
TG-3580    Distilling Apparatus, Solvent Recovery
TG-3585    Distilling Apparatus, Solvent Recovery, Solvent Still
TG-3590    Distilling Apparatus, Steam
TG-3595    Distillation Apparatus, Vigreux, Micro
TG-3600    Distillation Apparatus, Vigreux
TG-3605    Distilling Apparatus
TG-3610    Distilling Head, Micro
TG-3615    Distilling Head, Claisen style with Vigreux
TG-3620    Distilling Head, Claisen style with Vigreux, Jacketed
TG-3625    Distilling Apparatus
TG-3630    Short Path Distillation Apparatus
TG-3635    Reflux Apparatus, Continuous
TG-3640    Reflux Apparatus, Solvent
TG-3645    Solvent Repurifier Still
TG-3646    Still, Short Path, Micro
TG-3647    Still, Short Path, Vigreux, Micro
TG-3650    Still, Short Path, Jacketed, Micro
TG-3655    Still, Short Path, Vigreux, Jacketed,
TG-3660    Distilling Apparatus
TG-3665    Distilling Apparatus, Micro
TG-3675    Distillation Apparatus, Vigreux, Micro
TG-3680    Distillation Apparatus, Jacketed, Vigreux, Micro
TG-3685    Distilling Receiver, Graduated, Micro
TG-3690    Distilling Apparatus, Volatile Oil, Lighter than Water,
TG-3695    Distilling Apparatus, Volatile Oil, Heavier than Water,
TG-3700    Distilling Column, Hempel
TG-3710    Distilling Column, Hempel, Micro
TG-3715    Distilling Column, Hempel, Vacuum Jacketed
TG-3720    Distilling Column, Hempel, Vacuum Jacketed, Micro
TG-3725    Distilling Column, Water Jacketed, Hempel, Micro
TG-3730    Distilling Column, Hempel, Vacuum Jacketed, Silvered
TG-3735    Distilling Column, Hempel, Vacuum Jacketed, Silvered
TG-3740    Distilling Column, Snyder
TG-3745    Distilling Column, Vigreux
TG-3750    Distilling Column, Vigreux, Micro
TG-3755    Distilling Column, Vigreux, Vacuum Jacketed
TG-3760    Distilling Column, Perforated Plate, Oldershaw
TG-3765    Distilling Column, Perforated Plate, Oldershaw, Vacuum Jacketed, Silve
TG-3770    Distilling Column, Widmer
TG-3775    Distilling Column, Pilot Plant
TG-3780    Distilling Column Packing, Raschig Rings
TG-3785    Distilling Column Packing, Glass Beads
TG-3790    Distilling Column Packing, Berl Saddles
TG-3795    Boiling Chips
TG-3800    Distilling Head, Vacuum Type, Separable
TG-3805    Distilling Head, Vacuum Type, Separable, Micro
TG-3810    Distilling Head, Vacuum Type, Separable
TG-3815    Distilling Head
TG-3820    Distilling Head, Micro
TG-3825    Distilling Head, Dry Ice
TG-3830    Distilling Head, Magnetic Control
TG-3835    Distilling Head, Variable Reflux
TG-3840    Distilling Head, Vacuum Type
TG-3845    Distilling Head, Reflux, Automatic
TG-3850    Distilling Head, Automatic
TG-3855    Solvent Still Head
TG-3860    Distilling Head, Automatic Liquid Dividing
TG-3865    Distilling Head, Manual, Pilot Plant
TG-3870    Distilling Head, Pilot Plant, Automatic
TG-3875    Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Pilot Plant
TG-3880    Distilling Adapter, Connecting
TG-3885    Distilling Adapter, Connecting, Stopcock
TG-3890    Distilling Adapter, Connecting TeflonŽ Valve
TG-3895    Electromagnetic Coil, Solenoid
TG-3900    Electromagnetic Coil, Solenoid
TG-3905    Electromagnet Coil, Solenoid
TG-3910    Timer, Flexopulse
TG-3925    Distilling Receiver
TG-3930    Distilling Receiver, Graduated
TG-3931    Distilling Receiver, Graduated, Vacuum
TG-3935    Distilling Receiver, Vacuum, Jacketed
TG-3940    Distilling Receiver or Jacket Reaction Flask
TG-3945    Distilling Receiver, Graduated
TG-3950    Distilling Receiver, Graduated
TG-3955    Distilling Receiver with 105-degree Vacuum Adapter
TG-3960    Distilling Receiver with 105-degree Vacuum Adapter,Micro
TG-3965    Distilling Receiver with Adapter
TG-3970    Distilling Receiver with Straight Adapter, Micro
TG-3980    Distilling Receiver, Solvent Recovery, Graduated
TG-3985    Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Bidwell-Sterling
TG-3990    Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Dean-Stark
TG-3995    Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test , Dean Stark
TG-4000    Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Barrett
TG-4005    Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Barrett
TG-4010    Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Dean Stark, with Thermometer Joint
TG-4015    Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Recycling
TG-4020    Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Recycling
TG-4030    Distilling Receiver, Dean Stark, Modified
TG-4035    Distilling Head, Solvent
TG-4040    Distilling Receiver
TG-4045    Distilling Receiver, Water, Micro
TG-4050    Distilling Receiver, Large Volume, 500 ml
TG-4055    Water Still